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The Hall Writers’ Forum was launched online in 2013 with a view to fostering dialogue, collaboration, and creative writing. Its members include current and former students of St Edmund Hall, members of the Hall's academic and non-academic staff, and associates from outside the college who have been nominated by forum members.

The HWF caters for all forms of writing, not just those traditionally described as ‘creative’. We are particularly keen to encourage new writing, cross-disciplinary discussion, and the exchange of ideas across generations.

This forum is primarily for Aularians who want to be in a secure environment, away from the internet, where they can give and receive feedback on current writing. However, you don't have to be a writer to be a member. If you are keen on reading, and engaging in debate about literature and culture, you will be welcome to participate in our ongoing discussions.

Every so often we do some housekeeping, and delete the accounts of members who haven't once logged in during a time-window of six months. In that way, we keep our membership restricted to those who are interested in writing and/or reading material on the HWF. So, before registering, be sure you really want to be a member-- and once you've joined, be sure to login at least once every six months!

Good luck with registration, and we look forward to reading your posts.

We ask you to supply your real forename and surname when registering.

click here to register

Floreat Aula
Lucy Newlyn and Stuart Estell (Founder Members)

If you have any enquiries about the forum, please email one of us:
lucy.newlyn@seh.ox.ac.uk; hallforum@stuartestell.co.uk

Two Poems by Forum Members

The Invitation

Perhaps you think you don't possess the skill
of writing verse (sestinas - and the rest).
You tell yourself "my writing's run-of-mill

and never will surpass the simplest test."
Now wait a mo! Your talent lies concealed
but give it rein: and others are impressed

you had the grit to join this motley field.
It's not just verse, though that's what most folks write;
there's politics and painting too. So wield

your pen! Maybe at first a little bite
to give you confidence - and soon you'll find
your voice. The Forum isn't such a fright:

we'll welcome you with joy! Bear this in mind:
each one of us felt scared, but, once begun,
this Forum journey left our fears behind.

And finally, when all is said and done,
the Forum's creed is "write - and let's have fun!"

Darrell Barnes

Hall Writers’ Forum and You

Poems don’t just happen.
Books don’t grow on trees.
Aula flow’rs won’t care to write
unless there’re fans to please.
Drama’s not dramatic
when no one’s there to see.
Fiction’s all non-fiction
in the dull economy.
So take a moment’s musing,
Read some funny prose,
Try your hand composing
what heart and mind expose.
It’s all here on the Forum –
feel free to lurk or draft.
Anonymous or titled,
begin to share your craft!

Natasha Walker

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